Saturday, October 27, 2012

99 Reasons to Vote for Obama or not Vote for Romney

  1. Obama cares for all Americans.
  2. Romney cares for his base—the 1% and corporations.
  3. Obama wasn't rich. He had student loans & followed the American Dream.
  4. Romney attended private schools all paid for by Daddy.
  5. Obama gave us the universal health care—The Affordable Care Act.
  6. Romney invented universal health care (Romneycare), but wants to repeal it.
  7. Obama's stimulus saved or created 3 million plus jobs.
  8. Romney and Republicans falsely claim stimulus hasn't created one job.
  9. Obama saved the American auto industry and a million plus jobs.
  10. Romney wrote an Op-Ed titled Let Detroit go Bankrupt.
  11. Obama continued the Bush policies which saved Wall Street.
  12. Romney started and ran Bain Capital, a pioneer in outsourcing jobs overseas.
  13. Obama policies kept country from sliding into a 1930's style Depression.
  14. Romney was a one term governor of Mass. which was 47th in job creation.
  15. Obama signed the equal pay for women bill into law.
  16. Romney opposes it but says he won't repeal it. Do you believe him?
  17. Obama signed legislation which repeals 'don't ask don't' tell for military.
  18. Romney opposed it.
  19. Obama submitted jobs act which will create one million jobs to Congress, Sept 2011.
  20. The obfuscating Republican House refused to take it up.
  21. Obama wants to raise taxes for families w/incomes over $250,000 to help with the debt.
  22. Romney and Republicans won't raise taxes. They'll only cut spending, S.S, Medicare etc.
  23. Obama wants to raise minimum wage.
  24. Romney wants to lower taxes for billionaires.
  25. Obama ended the war in Iraq.
  26. Romney was for that, but against taking all troops out.
  27. Obama is ending the Afghanistan war by the summer 2014.
  28. Romney questions wisdom of setting a withdrawal date.
  29. Obama tightened sanctions on Iran.
  30. Romney eyes Iran for a future war.
  31. Obama increased fuel efficiency standards so new cars can go farther on a tank of gas.
  32. Romney vows to repeal new standards so his oil buddies can make billions more.
  33. Obama kicked banks out Federal Student loan program. Expanded Pell Grant spending.
  34. Romney and all Republicans were against it.
  35. Obama had America's Number one enemy—Osama bin Laden—tracked down and killed.
  36. Romney said it would be a mistake to violate Pakistan's sovereignty.
  37. Obama drone attacks have killed dozens of high level Al Qaeda operatives.
  38. Romney agrees with Obama drone policies.
  39. Obama anti-terrorist policies have decentralized Al Qaeda and have them on the run.
  40. Romney would continue Obama anti-terrorist policies
  41. Obama toppled terror sponsor Moammar Gaddafi without loss of American lives.
  42. Romney vacillated between not in our interests and we should have done more.
  43. The Libyan Consulate attack was unfortunate, but there have been no terrorist attacks on American soil on Obama's watch.
  44. Not surprisingly, Romney says would never have let that happen, but he does give Obama kudos for the rest of his foreign policy.
  45. Under Obama many planned terrorist attacks have been foiled with perpetrators caught.
  46. Romney says he would do the same thing, only louder.
  47. Obama expanded stem cell research.
  48. Romney is against stem cell research
  49. Obama seeks re-election to finish job #1, straightening the economy.
  50. Romney who's #1 goal is to be President says his business experience will fix economy.
  51. Obama signed Wall Street regulation into law.
  52. Romney will repeal Wall Street regulation. Must be lightning won't strike twice theory.
  53. Obama Passed Credit Card Reforms.
  54. Of course Romney was against anything that would take away bank income.
  55. Obama connects with real people.
  56. Romney connects with CEOs and Millionaires.
  57. If Obama lies, it was a mistake.
  58. If Romney lies, it was planned.
  59. Romney tapped Paul Ryan as VP, a man who wants to make all abortions illegal.
  60. Obama has always believed in a woman's right to chose.
  61. Romney/Ryan support a Natl. personhood law, a law so extreme it failed to pass in Miss.
  62. Obama Believes there's no place for government in people's bedrooms.
  63. Some believe Romney/Ryan & extreme congress would imperil woman's contraception.
  64. Obama thinks contraception is a personal choice and reduces need for abortions.
  65. Romney/Ryan are against same-sex marriage
  66. Obama supports same-sex marriage.
  67. Romney would pick conservative Supreme Court Justices imperiling Roe v Wade.
  68. Obama chose two liberal women Justices.
  69. Romney proposes continuing Bush economic model w/massive unfunded tax cuts.
  70. Obama added 5.2 million jobs since April 2010. Outlook and Economy improving.
  71. Romney would defund Planned Parenthood.
  72. Obama has continually supported women's issues.
  73. Romney/Ryan admin. Tax Policy could add 5.5 trillion to the already burgeoning debt.
  74. Obama would slowly rein in debt, balancing spending cuts with revenue increases.
  75. Romney would offset tax cuts with spending cuts, but hasn't figured out which ones.
  76. Obama would eliminate subsidies for undeserving business like Big Oil.
  77. Romney would increase defense spending two trillion dollars over ten years.
  78. Obama would level defense costs, which are higher than next ten countries combined.
  79. Romney/Ryan plan would gut entitlements like Medicare to pay for tax cuts for rich.
  80. Obama's Affordable Care Act extends the solvency of Medicare eight more years.
  81. Romney/Ryan would voucherize Medicare & Social Security to pay for tax cuts.
  82. Obama believes in these programs. He would tinker with them for efficiency & viability.
  83. Romney'd slash Medicaid funds 1/3 & send to states, effectively killing aid to elderly.
  84. Obama isn't interested in taking money from elderly to pay for tax cuts for rich.
  85. Romney was against increased support for Veterans.
  86. Obama increased support for Veterans.
  87. Romney is pro coal, gas and oil.
  88. Obama is for all of those and renewable energy resources, like solar and wind power.
  89. Romney believes in climate change but thinks nothing can be done because it's cyclical.
  90. Obama thinks climate change is real & man made. That's why he supports green energy.
  91. Romney was considered a pioneer of job off shore outsourcing in the nineties.
  92. Obama wants eliminate tax breaks for outsourcing & give incentives to bring jobs back.
  93. Jobs isn't the only thing Romney outsources. His money is in Switzerland and Caymans.
  94. Obama says he has no reason to keep money overseas.
  95. Romney has massive overseas investments in China and other places like Bermuda.
  96. Obama who's not driven to suck the last cent out his investments, goes the conventional route.  
  97. Unlike previous candidates including his father, Romney has shown only two tax returns.
  98. Many think Romney can't show more returns because they show him in a bad, even criminal light.
  99. Romney is less popular overseas than Bush. A poll shows Obama beats Romney 10 to 1.

 More things you might want to know

  • ·         A Romney/Ryan Administration would very much resemble the previous Bush administration with 17 of 24 Romney's advisers holdovers from the Bush administration pushing discredited supply side economics and aggressive stances toward Iran, Syria, China and North Korea.
  • Romney and all Republicans insinuate our sixteen trillion dollar debt is Obama's fault. Truth is, Obama inherited almost all of the debt, including debt accruing on his watch from Bush. Even with the economic crisis the increase in government spending is the lowest it's been since President Eisenhower. 
  • Nothing that Mitt Romney has said or done, in the past or while I've been following him for the last eighteen months, gives me any indication that he could fix the economy, create jobs or run the government. Just the opposite. His vague, trust me attitude, reminds of a Twenty-first Century Joe Izuzu. His so called policies, which I call thoughts de jour because tomorrow they may be the opposite tomorrow or sooner have been all over the map and whoever said trying to tie Mitt Romney down is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall was spot on. He's slippery, sniveling, self-centered and we don't need him for President.     

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