Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ladies Sexing Ladies via Lap Dances

Recently I wrote a book in which lap dances played a prominent part. Not just girl on guy lap dances but girl on girl lap dances. Yes, I said girl on girl and it’s not only girl on homosexual girl but often girl on heterosexual girl lap dances.

Writing the, for lack of better wording, lap dance sex scenes, I realized they can be very sexual. These girl on girl lap dances didn’t just pop into my head out of thin air. I researched the subject. The preponderance of the subject came from two sources, an article called The Science of Lap Dances and Ladies Sexing Ladies, the later being a very long and comprehensive study.

For those not familiar with lap dancing, let me explain. Like pole dancing and striping, many ladies have perfected lap dances to an art-form. While pole dancing is generally graceful and gymnastic and strip teases are sexy, lap dances are easily the most erotic—and lucrative. A lap dance scene in the movie Showgirl comes to mind for those who would like to view one, however my lap dances were much sexier, if I do say so.

The mechanics of lap dancing: A lap dance can be simple or complex, clothed or unclothed, touching or no touching, depending on the girl and the club. In a topless club, that is the way a girl is likely to perform and in an all-nude club…I’ll let you figure it out.

The ladies make a good portion of their money from lap dances, including tips, so most lap dances include touching—mostly one way, the girl touching the male or sometimes female customer.

Obviously the girls themselves need to be moderately attractive and have good bodies. Those that don’t meet this threshold filter out of the business often with a damaged ego.

That’s the background for all lap dances. Here’s what I learned about girl on girl lap dances. Reading between the lines it seems that around a third of the dancers are willing to perform a lap dance with another woman. Obviously, many women customers are lesbian, but more than you think are straight and a few are bi-sexual. Straight lady customers can come from all sources, girls partying, girls night out, a boyfriend urging her or just plain curiosity. I wrote a blog a while back about bi-curiosity called Are You Bi-Curious? and another about older women called Over Forty and Over Men. Either of those could fall in this group.

An interesting item I found about girl on girl lap dances is that some dancers will allow more touching and go further with a woman than a man. Part of that is club policy and some, I believe, is the dancers find women to be less threatening.

I could go on and on but that’s the main points. If you’d like to read more, link onto the articles I mentioned.

How, about you readers? Have any of you had a lap dance? I read a story once where every so often a woman would go to a strip club, get a lap dance from a sexy naked or almost naked lady and go home so turned on, she made love to her husband for hours. Does that sound possible? Given the opportunity would any of you have a lap dance? How about giving a lap dance? Have any of you given a lap dance in a club or to your significant other? Tell me what you think. I’d really like to know

Monday, October 5, 2009

Are Ménage Romances Books Here to Stay?

I posted this article on another blog last month and it was very popular so here it is again?

Are Ménage Romances Books Here to Stay?


The latest hot genre in erotic romance is Menage a Trois. It is so hot, one e publisher has even created an entire line of ménage books called Menage Amour and releases two to three new ebooks a week. This line now numbers in excess of a hundred books.

Last November I wrote a blog entitled ‘Menage. Is this your fantasy?’ that generated a lot of interest. This is sort of an update on that blog. At the time I’d written the blog I’d dabbled in what I call a man’s ménage—two women and a man. Now ten months later, I’ve penned several women’s ménages and have more in progress.

Here is a short sample ménage excerpt from my upcoming Playtime with Sera. Though it doesn’t show the steamy parts, you get the idea.

I knew before we did a thing that I would love it. I tried not to show how pleased I was when I took their hands and walked hand and hand with them into the bedroom. We sat on the edge of our California king, Marc on my left and Jack on my right.

294222048_6e742a430d Flickr

Starting with my blouse, Marc unbuttoned and took it off.

Next. Jack’s clever fingers unhooked my bra. “Here let me help you take this hot, cumbersome bra off.” Jack removed my bra and my breasts were bare. For a brief few seconds the air-conditioning hardened my nipples, before two warm mouths enveloped them and I melted. As I’d always suspected, lips on both nipples felt divine. Their sucking sent tickly currents of need racing through me, terminating in my core.

Marc’s hands pushed my lacy panties down to my knees. “Let’s get these panties off before they get all wet.” He dragged the panties down and over my sweat socks. He removed my socks and I was naked. A thrill ran through me as I realized. It’s going to happen. I’m going to have sex—with both of them!

Writing a woman’s ménage as a romance is a little bit of a challenge in that you don’t want the heroine to come off as a tramp. In the erotic stories, the woman can be normal, a slut or worse, but in the romances the woman should be as normal as possible.

I’ll tell you a secret. Since I started writing women’s ménages I don’t think about the other kind much. It seems more natural for a woman to receive the affections of multiple partners then men, and of course women are better equipped. Also let’s not forget if a woman has an orgasm, she can keep going, while men are usually out of action for awhile. LOL.

Threesome unk

So, why is this relatively new sub genre so popular? I believe women readers love to fantasize about having two or more lovers. They live vicariously through their daring heroines, enjoying all the fruits that could possibly be enjoyed by multiple coupling. Lips, tongues, hands fingers and let’s not forget cocks.

I think women also like the idea of throwing convention out the window. From chastity belts to burkas the little box of sexuality women have confined to has been the work of men. Now that sexual freedom is upon us, some women are testing the limits.

As for the women that experience a ménage, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an element of exhibitionist involved. You certainly wouldn’t invite two or more men in your bed and then turn the lights out.

I once talked with a woman who fantasized about being gang banged. I asked her how many and she didn’t know, just more then two. When I pressed it by asking ten, she thought and said, maybe.

How about you? How big is your kink—real and imaginary?

And what about woman’s ménages? Do you think they’re immoral or overdue. Do you dream of them? Would you invite multiple men into your bed?

378b_relationship_expert Alta Vista

And what about the books? Are you a fan of mfm romance novels? If so, do you think you could get tired of them? Will the demand for them continue to grow, go flat or dry up with time?

Think about it and comment if you like.

The Big Bamboo 2Look for my hot new book from eXcessica, The Big Bamboo, on November 16th. I call it a smogasboard of sex. There’s something for everyone including my first woman’s menage. Sorry no bdsm, but believe it or not, an episode of vf. Other menage titles of mine include Getting Naked at the Hilton, By the Book and Bananaz.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Iranian Justice? What a Joke!

On August 8, 2004, Atefeh Rajabi, a sixteen year old girl, was executed in the Iranian city of Neka. Officially, her crime was ‘acts incompatible with chastity.’ Unofficially, it was because she was a free spirit in a dogmatic theocracy, doing what she wanted and thumbing her nose at authority in the form of the stupid Iranian laws

An example had to be made and made it was as the teenager, Atefeh Rajabi dangled from the end of a crane in a square for forty-five minutes.
The late not so great Ayatollah Khomeini, was quoted as saying “There is no fun in Islam.” Obviously this is true, unless you happen to be one one the misanthropes who run the misbegotten hunk of desert called Iran.
The following is a reprint of an article I came across on the internet.
Siamack Baniameri
September 25, 2004
In the past twenty some years, I have seen them come and I’ve seen them go. Some live, some die, and some disappear. Some are executed, some are tortured, some are rotting in prisons, and some are rotting in hell or heaven — depends on who you talk to.
It doesn’t bother me none. They have chosen that path and they have bigger balls than you and I. They have been around for thousands of years and they’ll be around for thousands more: the rebels, revolutionaries, freedom fighters, activists, and whatnot.
But seeing her picture, hanging from a rope, broke my heart. I generally don’t give a shit, but this one, I couldn’t stomach. Dead, she looked more human than many of the living in this jungle of inhumanity.
Atefeh Rajabi was my kind of a girl: a hard-drinking, sex-loving, foul-mouthed, rebellious, defiant, seductive teenager who didn’t take shit from grownups and made no attempt to sugarcoat her demeanor the way Iranian women often do.
She was a type of a teenager who would look us straight in the eyes and tell us to go to hell. She didn’t put up with our rules and laws and traditions and social standards and religious beliefs or code of conduct. She didn’t buy any of our bullshit. She didn’t care anymore. She had enough of our crap.
Atefeh did what she liked and for that she stays on my cool-list. Atefeh’s defiance of all conceited Iranian social and cultural values is what makes her my number one girl.
Some of you are probably thinking that admiring a teenager who exhibited immoral and decadent behavior is inappropriate and sets a bad example. The only answer I have for you is what most likely Atefeh would’ve told you to fuck off. You created Atefeh and many like her. And you — that’s right, you — tie the rope around their necks every single day of their young lives.
Atefeh and many like her are byproducts of dysfunctional Iranian culture that push teenage girls underground in search of answers to some fundamental human questions and needs. A sick culture that is cherished by many of us because it feeds our egos and band-aids our defeats and deficiencies.
We have managed to deprive our teenage girls from every essence that makes them human. We have managed to take away their desires, curiosity, self-respect, wit, and the most basic instinct of every human: to seek happiness.
We get offended by Atefeh Rajabi and others like her because she challenges every fiber of our traditional pride and she questions everything that is sacred to us. Atefeh was poison to Iranian values and she needed to be silenced. And that’s exactly what we did.
While thousands of execution enthusiasts watched her little neck snap like a toothpick and her small body dangling from a rope for twenty minutes, not a single asshole said a damn thing to stop it. Boy, am I proud to be an Iranian.
I wish I knew her. Like her big brother, I can picture myself having a lively conversation with her over a shot of chilled vodka and maasto-khiaar. Would I have a drink with my teenage sister? Why the hell not!
I would’ve told her a dirty joke or two and I’m sure she would’ve matched with some of her own. I would have asked her if there was a guy in the ‘hood that she had her eyes on. I would’ve asked her who her favorite singer was or what kind of music she listened to. I would have thanked her for being who she was and kissed her small hands for no particular reason.
For many self-righteous Iranian folks who abandon Atefeh and many like her because she was a “whore” or “misfit,” take a good look at that small girl’s body hanging from a crane. This is your daughter.

Monday, September 7, 2009


I think I’ll write about the time I met Diana Ross. You know the lead singer of the Supremes and later solo, making dozens of record albums and some movies.

Let me start by saying that when I met Diana Ross around thirty years ago, she was a very sexy lady. Yes, I know she was skinny as a rail, but it was a very sexy rail.

Now, before I go any further, for those who don’t know, I’m a white heterosexual male and before I met Diana, I never gave much thought to her. Yes, I liked her music, some of which are classics and I thought she was attractive in a slinky sort or way, but until I met her, I had never thought of Diana Ross and sexy on the same page let alone the same sentence.

I met Diana one afternoon in Las Vegas in a home she was leasing, I happened to have built. It was a strange home, that I had been tasked with building to be a tour house the upcoming Home Builders Convention. The home was a Joint Venture between House Beautiful Magazine and the American Wood Council.

But enough about the house, this is about the siren Diana and me. She had called my office and requested the meeting. It seems she was considering buying the home and wanted to know if certain changes and additions were possible. Sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it?

When I arrived, she answered the door in a satin robe, sorry I forget the color. She was wearing her hair short then, but really it was always her intriguing face that brought out her sensuality. She suggested we go into the kitchen and I followed her. Now, admittedly, Diana is slender but her derriere is not. It showed loud and clear through the satin robe as she sauntered down the hall to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, we settled on opposite sides of the large center island, where she discussed and I wrote and sketched her thoughts about the possible renovation. We were finished in about ten minutes and after saying I would check on some things and get back with her, I thought she’d show me out. But she didn’t. Her intense gaze gave me the impression she was studying me. Was she sizing me up? Finally, she said, “I’ve been a poor host, would you like something to drink. Beer, wine, soda?”

I agreed to a beer. She pulled two cans of Miller Light out of the Sub Zero, walked over and handed one to me. She took a long swig out of hers, eyeing me as she did. But that wasn’t all. Out of the blue, she started talking about how she loved roling in the hay, having strenuous sex with a well built, well endowed men. She didn’t just say it once, but several times, rephrasing the same subject as she went.

Is she coming on to me? Nah, it couldn’t be. I wanted to jump out of my body and see what she was seeing. I knew I was fairly good looking, but I was neither well built nor well endowed. When I finished my beer and set the can down, she smiled seductively and threw both cans in the trash, then without asking retrieved two more beers. On her trip to the refrigerator the top of her robe had become rearranged and when she leaned forward I could see the protruding nipple of one of her breasts and she leaned forward a lot.

I’d like to say I was stiff as a board and hot to boot, but I was too nervous to act. I was a lamb to a lioness. For me to be able to perform, I have to be perfectly comfortable and many times with a new partner I am unsuccessful. If she wanted sex and I was reasonably sure she did, I was equally sure I would disappoint her and her probable disappointment backed me off.

When I didn’t respond in kind to her provocations, she cooled off. Soon we were back to a cordial business relationship. As she showed me to the door I said I would get back to her and she smiled and said, “Please do.”

That was the first and last time I saw the very sexy lady as I informed her the next day with a phone call the things she desired weren’t possible.

I think of that day from time to time. Is it a true story. Did I embellish it? I’m a writer, what do you think” Nevertheless I guarantee ninety percent is true.

I know it’ll never happen,but I’d just love to write Diana’s memoirs. Wouldn’t that be a kick.

Hmmm. That was fun. Maybe next time I’ll tell you about Cher

Now, while I have your attention, I want to tell you about my newest book release. It’s not romance and it’s not erotic, but it is exciting. It’s a full length mainstream action/thriller called On the Heels of Evil by D.E. Daum and ladies, it has an alpha male and two alpha females you’ll just fall in love with. It’s available at Excessica, ARE and Amazon among others. Check it out, I think you’ll be pleased.

As an added incentive, if you order On the Heels form Excessica, I will send your choice of my other eXcessica titles, Bananaz, Tattoos or Forbidden Passion.

Page Link for On the Heels of Evil

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Promiscuity in women

Is the age of promiscuity in women upon us? Articles I’ve read recently indicate a shift in women’s values may be taking place allowing for more freedom of choice regarding sex, even more than men, researchers say.

A December article in Mail On Line, based on a More magazine study, for instance, compare real life for women to the popular sexy show, Sex and the City.

“Being bold and brazen in the bedroom won Carrie Bradshaw and her friends a legion of female fans.
But viewers who think the ‘anything goes’ sexual antics in Sex And The City is fiction should perhaps think again.
Life, it would appear, is more than a match for art.
Young women are becoming more promiscuous, with more sexual partners than men, researchers have found.”

Life imitating art?: The sexual antics of Sex And The City aren’t fiction after all

The article goes on to describe some other surprising statistics:
· “By the age of 21 they have had sex with an average of nine lovers - two more than their male partner.”
· “A quarter have slept with more than ten partners in the five years since losing their virginity - compared with a fifth of young men.” “
· “Young women are also twice as likely to be unfaithful, with 50 per cent admitting they have cheated on a partner - half at least twice.”
· “Yet if their man was caught being unfaithful, 99 per cent of the 2,000 women surveyed said they would show him the door.”
Now that’s a double standard!
Other interesting tidbits include:
· “The survey follows a U.S. study earlier this year that found teenage girls who watch a lot of TV shows with a high sexual content, such as Friends and Sex And The City, are twice as likely to become pregnant.”
· “And only 32 per cent believed love to be an important factor before having sex. Seven out of ten confessed to having had a one-night stand and a fifth had enjoyed more than five.”
· “Only 1 per cent said they would wait until marriage to have sex.”
· “One in four said they would marry for money whilst 39 per cent would sleep with their boss for a promotion. And 27 per cent would have an affair with a married man, while 14 per cent would sleep with their best friend’s partner.”

The study, sponsored by More magazine, also found women crave more sex, but still believe men enjoy it more than they do.
Lisa Smosarski, editor of More, suggested that there will be no turning back for today’s sexually confident young women. ‘Our results show that after decades of lying back and thinking of England, today’s twenty-something women are taking control of their sex lives and getting what they want in bed. And why not?
‘Women today have increasingly busy and stressful lives juggling study, jobs, friends, family, career and their relationships,’ she said.
‘Sex is a great and free way to relax, unwind and have fun in today’s fairly stressful society.’
The study was carried out to launch More’s safe sex campaign, which started that week, back in December.
It found that almost a fifth of the young women surveyed had contracted a sexually transmitted disease while 21 per cent had been persuaded by a man not to use a condom when they wanted to.
Miss Smosarski went on to say: ‘Whilst women aren’t embarrassed to take the lead in the bedroom, it seems they’re not so forthright when it comes to contraception.’

So readers, What do you think? Are women as a whole becoming more wanton and promiscuous? Even more promiscuous than men? Do you agree women are becoming more promiscuous? If so why do you think it’s happening. I’d like your take on this.

Thursday, July 9, 2009



To some the idea of sex in public is anathema. To others it’s an intriguing fantasy or even practice. I’ll admit I sometimes have this fantasy. Have I ever acted this fantasy out? Somewhat, in a car parked in the desert, covered up in the back of a pick up truck in a drive-in movie theater, (remember them?) and finally, on a balcony in the middle of the night.

What do people find so fascinating about having sex in public? It has to be the the chance of being discovered—of being watched. Yes, I believe It’s a form of exhibitionism.

As I started writing this article, I started thinking about all the instances of sex in public I have used in my books. By the Book is rift with them—in a theater, the ocean, the bathroom of a bar (where two barflies catch and watch them), in a night club (where they are caught on closed circuit TV and everyone claps for them as they leave red-faced). In addition, examples of sex in public places heat up the pages of Love and Seduction in Las Vegas, Fortune Cookies, Legs, Getting Naked at the Hilton and Forbidden Passion. Forms of sex in public places can also be found in my soon to be released works, The Big Bamboo, Groovin’ ’n Waikiki and April Showers.

I write about it all the time because the fact is, people do it all the time. At work, in restrooms, in parks, in lomos, cabs and on subways (remember Risky Business). Some do it fully dressed, while others take some or all of their clothes off. Some do it in a tent while camping, where they are safe from sight, but everyone can hear them, or the go off in the wilds. Some do it on a beach, or in the water. Then there’s the ultimate sex in public—orgies, where everyone feeds off the sex of others. And in each and every case the participants find it exciting. Why? I don’t know. You tell me. Perhaps it’s their way of saying to the world, “Hey look at me, I’m ALIVE!

Have you ever done it? If not, do you think about it, maybe even on a stage with an audience? (I have) Would you do it? Would it be safe or reckless?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A.J. Lewellyn Interviews Dee Dawning


Author Interview by A.J. Llewellyn

1. Hi Dee, and welcome to the Divas’ dark den. How nice to have another man around the place! Firstly, I hope I am not telling tales out of school but you recently told me you are reworking your Eppie finalist novel Fortune Cookies. Care to share the reason why?
Hi, A.J. Nice shirt. Thanks for having me.

It looks like you want me to spill the cookies. Fortune Cookies, that is. LOL Actually, I’m just going through it and making sure the tees’ are crossed and the i’s are dotted. There were a few editing things that bothered me and while I’m at it, I’m tweaking it a little. Remember it was good enough to be a finalist, but it didn’t win and that can be disappointing, as you know.

2. Tell me about the Gizmo series…it looks like it’s very naughty, Dee…am I wrong or just a little bit psychic?
Oh, yeah. It’s naughty, but not as naughty as Bananaz. But you know A.J. When I get in those really naughty writing moods, I temper it with humor. Some say sexy and humor don’t mix, but I’ve never heard any complaints.

BTW, If you like, I’d be happy to give you the first two installments of Gizmo. I wouldn’t mind the A.J. seal of approval. Assuming you think it’s worthy.

3. I have read many of your blogs and they are to say the least provocative. Do you like to stir the pools of controversy my friend?
(Chuckle) I do get a lot of comments don’t I? We are in a provocative industry, so I write about some of the things we write about. Some of it is research. I was having a problem believing women enjoy anal penetration, so I blogged about it and found out many of them do.

I think the last blog I wrote was about fisting on the eXcessica blog. Again the comments were revealing. Anyway. What’s so controversial about male whore houses and sexual tourists? I’m not making things up.

Everything’s been tried and probably for thousands of years. Just not by us.
My next blog, you may be interested to know will be about the new fad, for lack of a better word, of discouraged middle aged heretofore hetero women entering into lesbian relationships.

4. You say your age is fifty-fifteen. This sounds like a tennis match. Who is winning? You or gravity?
Damn, A.J. Did you have to bring up my age? Is nothing sacred. Just kidding Pal. As for who’s winning, I think I am. Despite my slightly advanced age. I appear to be much younger.

5. Please describe your life in Cave Creek for me…you seem to love the desert – years in Vegas, Baby and now Arizona. To quote you, you haven’t melted yet. But what is it about the desert you find appealing?
Hell, I’ve lived in the desert for almost fifty years. Arizona’s a gas though. It’s such an interesting state and really I’ve just begun to explore the innate beauty here. Even the desert here and around Cave Creek is beautiful compared to the desolate desert around Vegas. And for inspiring beauty, I’ll put the Grand Canyon and Sedona against anything.

Then again. I’ve never been to Hawaii. Have you?

6. Um -yes, often! Can you tell me about your writing routine? Do you write every day?
Oh yeah. I joke about being a two fingered pecker. I don’t type. I’m a slow reader, but I get ideas, so I write despite the handicaps I face. I’ve always been an idea man and it shows in my writing.

On the average day I rise between 2 and 3 a.m. This morning it was 2:17. I make coffee, check emails etc. and then start writing. I write until eight when I go to work. If work is slow as it tends to be these days, I write some through the day. Weekends I write even more, unless we have something planned.
Sleep? Yeah, I get some. I go to bed at eightish. I usually subsist on six hours sleep.

7. I know you juggle writing with being a home designer/builder. Have you felt the pinch with the economic downturn or are people still building?
Oh, it’s flat killed my industry. There’s talk about setting up good banks and bad banks. I think they should make it good banks and ‘dumber than dirt’ banks. But you don’t even want to get me started on this. I’m carrying around a lot of anger. Writing is actually my therapy for this.

8. What’s the craziest request you ever had from a client?
Client? Seems like it’s been forever since I’ve had a client. Ya hear that readers? Help the economy by buying my books.

9. You’ve said in more than one interview that you are a man who likes women…as a male romance author would you ever write M/M or ménages where the guys go at each other as well as the lucky lady?
Hmmm. Would you really want me competing against you? Nah! I wouldn’t be much competition. I could give it a go, but I seriously doubt I could do a credible job. How about you? Do you think you could write m/f, f/f or f/m/f effectively. I try to write what I know or at least can imagine, which is what women writers of m/m etc. do.

BTW, during an interesting scene in Gizmo, using the gizmo our heroine experiences the same feelings and sensations the man in a porno movie experiences.

10. Okay, an off the wall question: what is your greatest extravagance?
I suppose, the fact that I have two classic RX7’s qualifies. Also, for many years, I’ve lived in upscale homes I’ve built is an extravagance, though I always thought of it as showing my abilities.

11. Oh, just for the heck of it, I’m curious to know, which living person do you most admire?
That would be President Barack Hussein Obama. I could go on and on about him but suffice it to say, I expect to see his likeness on Mt Rushmore some day.
I wonder if he’s read any of my books? I’ll bet Michelle would like to.

12. And which living person do you most despise?
Since our previous president was just a pawn, I’d have to I despise his default boss, Vice President Darth Cheney is someone I wouldn’t mind seeing shot with a shotgun.
On behalf of Dark Diva Reviews, I’d like to than Dee Dawning for stopping by today. To learn more about this talented author’s work, please check out his kinks…er, I mean links: