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Every so often I get a review that makes glad I'm an author. Here is such a review.

Love And Seduction In Las Vegas
Dee Dawning
Contemporary, Multiple Partner, Erotic,Romance
Siren-Book Strand
Sensuality Rating:  E-rotic
ISBN# 1-60601-119-7
104 pages
$ 3.99
EBook - Available   
Rating: 5 Enchantments
Bobbie, Gary, and Vinnie could all be considered heroes

in this twisted tale. All of them certainly play major roles
in Loretta’s life.
Loretta is a beautiful woman who puts a new meaning to

the phrase, ridden hard and put away wet.
This is an intriguing winding tale of one woman, her

challenged life, and the men who affected it in such a
stupendous way.
You know it’s kind of funny with your books Dee, they appear so light hearted on the outside,

but inside they hit some really significant issues. This book was extremely complex, but you
pulled off a lovely story through a myriad of complexity. I was impressed! In some ways this
story was all sex, yet in other ways it was complete desolation. I totally enjoyed the happy ever
after, which is one of those things that make me tick, but the twists and turns it took to get there
were phenomenal. Very creative and very intriguing, I completely enjoyed it.
Desiree de Cleves
July 2008

Love and Seduction in Las Vegas

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket

Price: $3.99

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For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of reading, Love and Seduction in Las Vegas, is a very good

book with an unusual plot, It's also available at a very reasonable price

Comments from previous reviews:

"I am always amazed every time I read a book by Dee Dawning. Just when you think the next one can�t get
any better, he pens a read that out tops the last. Love and Seduction in Las Vegas is more than just frolicking
between the sheets. It is a story of understanding, love, and learning to accept the other, no matter what their past.
This read really leaves an impression."

Reviewed by: Linda L.

"LOVE AND SEDUCTION IN LAS VEGAS proved to be a surprisingly complex
story with a fairly tight plot and some decent character development
wrapped around a highly erotic story line. Probably not for the sensitive-the
plot deals with certain taboo issues-nonetheless readers will find the novel "
steamy, scintillating, and quite realistic.

Reviewed by Frost

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Erotic Authors - What Makes them Tick? Revisited #1

Hi, I’m back with a new group of Erotic Authors and fresh new interviews. You may remember a year ago when I interviewed several authors of eXtasy Books. Well this time I’m interviewing the fabulous authors of Midnight Seductions. Shall we begin?

Erotic Authors - What Makes Them Tick?

Dear reader,

As a consumer of erotica, have you ever wondered how the writers of those titillating stories, which make us wet or hard, come up with their wild scenarios. Are they writing from experience? Do they have fantasies? Have they indulged themselves or are they all talk and no show? (like me.)

I’m Dee Dawning and I’m going to put these kinds of questions to some of the top Erotic Authors in the business.

I don’t care what they eat. I want to know who they would like to eat or ate! What motivates them? What gets them going?

Shall we find out?

This week’s person of interest is highly acclaimed author Tess MacKall.

Welcome Tess, seeing how we are trying to get a feel for the sensuous writer, my questions may be a little pointed, so if you have a problem with a question, just go to the next one.

First question:

How did you start writing erotica?

Well I had done a lot of different things in my life. Worked for a newspaper, as a speech writer, marketing. Even ran a construction company for years. Then one day I came to a cross roads in my life in which I decided it was time to live out a dream. That dream was to write. So I sat down at my computer and did a little research and discovered erotic romance and was instantly intrigued by the market’s trend in that direction. And I was right. All of a sudden the major NYC publishers were adding erotic lines.

How long have you been writing erotica and would you prefer to write anything else?

I’ve been writing strictly erotica and erotic romance for two years. But I have no preference in what I write, it simply decides for me. I do however want to write in the more “mainstream” realm of publishing. I can honestly say though, that a great many of my wip’s have a very “mainstream” plot line. I love including today’s headlines in my work somehow.

Do you feel you offer anything special to your readers?

I’ve been told my author voice is a bit different. And I see that in my erotica mostly. I like twists and turns. Love to surprise the reader. In my erotic romance selections I’m rather mainstream in so far as erotic romance is concerned that is, lol but again, I love plot lines, so my readers can always count on an element that is a bit different—another twist if you will.

What are your writing goals?

To write the best damn books I can write! To keep honing my skills. Those of course are general goals. As far as future goals? Well I’m like everyone else—headed for the NYTimes Bestseller list! lol

Do you have a favorite erotica or erotic romance author or authors?

Oh God. There are so many. They are all fantastic in our neck of the woods. Especially, Dee Dawning! You know that. And I have so many friends who write erotica/erotic romance I just can’t start naming. I’m afraid I’d leave someone out! lol How about I give you a few of those authors who are NY Times Best Sellers whom I love to read? Grisham, Iiles, Cromwell, Clancy, Brown, Kellerman, Baldacci, etc. I love thrillers to tell you the truth. That may be why I have plot lines that twist and turn in my own work. I admire authors who can weave those elements.

Writing erotica and erotic romance, you are assumed to be a sexual person. Do you have any sexual hang-ups?

Well I wouldn’t call them hang ups, but there are certain things I would not do. I’m not into BDSM at all. I love my lovin’ with a spoonful of sugar, honey. Otherwise, to me it’s just not lovin’. lol But in so far as being a sexual person is concerned, we all our creatures of sex and therefore have the potential to tap into that part of ourselves. Those who don’t are bound by external forces—environmental. As in the way they were raised or maybe even religious restrictions. In so far as what goes on in the bedroom between two consenting adults is concerned, everyone should keep in mind sex is what got you here! And quite frankly, If we weren’t meant to enjoy that moment of orgasmic bliss, then why else did God give it to us? That orgasm is what encourages us to procreate. It only seems natural to experiment and find new and exciting ways to do it.

As an erotic writer and a sexual person, do you have any sexual fantasies?

I’m quite fond of the forced seduction fantasy. I’ve blogged about that on my Sensual Secrets blog.
It’s probably the number one fantasy of all women. Not to be confused, of course, with an actual rape. There is a big difference as you will see in my blog post. There are two different blog posts actually. The link I’ve given you involves forced seduction and through that post you’ll find the one in which I talk about women who need our help and understanding. But personally I love the idea of being overwhelmed by a man. And the fact that he is a stranger adds an element of danger and intrigue. There again, danger and intrigue are things I write about.

Have you acted out your fantasy? If you haven’t would you consider living out your fantasy?

I haven’t acted out the forced seduction fantasy. As we explored on my Sensual Secrets blog, acting out a fantasy involves not only the cooperation of your partner, but a good deal of trust. Not everyone is willing to reveal their fantasies at the drop of a hat. Some fantasies come easier than others. Light bondage, for instance, being tied up with silk scarves seems more and more to be the norm rather than something taboo. Presently, I am exploring some things with a wonderful man whom I’ve known for quite some time now and looking forward to sharing some of my fantasies with him. He knows about my forced seduction fantasy and as a matter of fact wrote the fantasy for me that I posted on my blog. We haven’t had the opportunity to put it in action, just yet. Give us time. lol

From where do you get your main characters?

Main characters pop into my head and then evolve over the course of my story. I do tend to favor characters from the south. I write what I know in that respect. And trust me, there are a wealth of characters in my arsenal. For the most part though, a story line is my first goal when writing a story. Characters are secondary. For me, characters are easy. They fit the story. I have to be careful in my writing though. In erotica, stories are more character driven—of course more sex, lol but the focus is on the character and sex.

As you can see in my Gabriel’s Ride Series from Freya’s Bower, the setting is not important, or really the origin of the characters—just the here and now, the characters and sex. In my mainstream erotic romance work, the plot comes more into play and I work very hard to keep a balance between characters, plot, and sex, adding the flavor of backdrop. I’ve had manuscripts rejected by publishers because they don’t think I have enough sex. I’m always told my sex is really hot, but I don’t write enough of it. Their loss. lol I’m afraid I don’t exactly fit into a cookie cutter mold at times. And quite frankly don’t believe a reader wants to open up a book and BAM, there is sex staring right back at them. Unless of course they are reading erotica—even then, sex should fit where it is called for—not just for the sake of sales. Unfortunately, I see a lot of sex just for the sake of sales. But there is plenty of the hot stuff in my erotica. I do see the need for it there, of course. Just not so much in the more romantic stuff I write. Open door sex with all the bells and whistles, yes, but I swear, I can’t just start from page one with fucking.

What is your preferred style, when writing erotica, ie. m/f, f/f, m/m, mfm, bdsm, etc?

I prefer m/f. It’s what I know. I do so admire those female authors who are now writing m/m. I am, at present, however, working on a f/f scene for one of my manuscripts. I try different things from time to time. Pushing the envelope, so to speak.

What do you personally look for in a sexual partner?

Oh God. I don’t look at men in so far as potential sexual partners, but companions and possible soul mates. For me, sex without emotion is not what it’s cracked up to be. That’s why I write romance, Dee. lol But what I look for in a man is a great sense of humor, intelligence, warmth, compassion. Someone I can grow to trust and share with. Physically? Silver hair, blue eyes, husky build. Great smile. I know him already. lol (mentioned above)

Have you ever crossed any sexual taboos, ie. sex in a public place?

Do you have the password to my comp? Been peaking into my memoir file? lol Well yes, I have. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. In my college days, of course. No, I was never on
“Girls Gone Wild”. lol hmmm…which brings me back to your sexual fantasies question.
That’s another thing I’ve talked about with Mark (that’s his name). A bit of exhibitionism thrown into the mix. So that is being discussed along with the forced seduction fantasy. But there again, trust and timing too. We’re not quite there yet and really have not had the opportunity.

If so, did you regret it? Or maybe found it exhilarating?

I don’t have too many regrets in my life. The only regrets I have involve a loss of temper and words coming out of my mouth that were unintended. Hurting someone I truly love is not something I live with well. Hasn’t happened often, but as with all people it does. Sex is not something I regret. Sex with certain men? Hell yeah. There are several I’d throw back in a heartbeat. Not worth the effort at all. 20/20 hindsight of course.

Which celebrities or other well known individuals, if any, do you drool over?

I honestly don’t drool over celebrities. I love my men real. As real as they come. I even like men with tummies. I think a man with a tummy shows passion. lol Yeah, well I’m southern and we southern gals like to feed our men. And if he likes to eat, well it just stands to reason he likes to eat.

Do you sometimes get turned on by your own erotic writing?

At first I did. Drove me insane. lol But after a while it gets kind of mechanical. At least for me, others might say different.

If so, do you do anything about it?

Kiss my ass, Dee. lol Ok, ok. Sure. Self gratification and grabbing that available tool for my need. lol Up the charts with a Bullet! LMAO Which reminds me of something. Couples who read erotic romance together get it! They know how much of a turn on it can be and use all our steamy stories as a part of their bedroom repertoire.

Have you ever participated in any of the wild scenarios of which you have written?

My scenarios aren’t wild as in I don’t write orgies or multiple partners usually. My scenes are hot and put you in that moment. So I don’t subscribe to the theory that I must write about something “taboo” or not necessarily considered the “norm”. Abandonment of all inhibitions so my characters are IN THAT MOMENT is what I write. Handcuffs, spanking, light bondage. Sex outdoors, exhibitionism that is within the realm of possibility. I think about what flies and what doesn’t actually. So far… lol So yes, I’ve participated in most of the m/f sex scenes I depict in my writing.

In your estimation, what is the sexiest book/story you have written? Do you have a sexy passage that you would share with us?

The sexiest book I have written is not ready to be showcased yet. It will be a year or more before I will submit it anywhere. It’s a novel with a lot in it. But I can share a little something with you from one of my favorite wip’s. Just a snippet though. This one is entitled Gypsy’s Choice.

“How’s my pretty Gypsy tonight? Needing a little of Jake’s TLC?” He shrugged out of his black leather bombers jacket and tossed it on the sofa.

Gypsy stared at the solid wall of muscle standing in front of her, the eager expression on his face almost comical. The man spent four hours a day at the gym and it showed. And he’d spend all night eating her out if that’s what she asked. Not tonight. Tonight she only wanted a quickie– something to calm her nerves.

“I’m tense. Move your ass.” The thing about Jake was that he liked taking orders from a woman. Liked being a lap dog.

“How does my pretty Gypsy want it? We going to the bedroom or right here?”
For a moment she considered the suite behind her office. After all that was one of the reasons it was there. Sex when she needed it, sleep as her body demanded… and other things. She shook her head. If they made it to the bed he’d expect to fuck her and she’d be hard pressed to turn him down. Gypsy had grown very fond of Jake. A sucker thought– and she tried to keep those down to slim and none.

“No. Here’s fine and open the door. I want to listen to the band.” She stood and hitched the tight mocha-colored skirt above her hips, displaying her black garter belt and hairless pussy. Fuck panties, they were a waste of time. The vicious vibrations of the hard driving rock from the band below settled on her hot center, teasing the slick, wet slit with its rhythm. Jake gripped her small waist and hoisted her up on the desk.

“Wanna slow ride tonight, baby.”

“No. Just give it to me hard and fast. You know the way I like it, Big Guy.”
She laid back on the surface of the desk, letting her head dangle from the edge. Jake spread her legs wide and as a good lap dog, went right to work. His tongue lashed with hard, wild strokes and sent her straight to the realm of her need. He lifted her ass with his big bear hands, angling for better access. Gypsy relaxed in his grip and allowed him to do all the work, exactly why he made the big bucks.

The pad of his tongue flattened against her clit, rubbing it up and down, sending tight arcs of heat through her body. She splayed her hands over her breasts and lightly circled the tips of her rigid nipples through the silk of her blouse. The strains of the bass guitar filtered through the room and poured over her body like a windless summer night. Hot and wet. Down and dirty. Hard and sexy.

“Enough of the tongue. Suck me!”

His mouth scooped in her clit, giving it the friction she craved. The wet suction of his mouth torched her sex and set her on fire. Her hands balled into fists and beat the smooth lacquered surface of the desk. Pumping her sodden folds into his face, she released one long, violent spasm, ridding herself of all the tension. She floated down, allowing herself to feel the burn and savor its intensity, welcoming the residual tremors created by the dogged persistence of his lips.

“All right Big Guy. That’s enough.” (Was that enough for you, Dee?)

That was super, Tess.

What is your most current release? Please post a short blurb or tell us about it.

My most current release, due to publisher closings etc, –don’t get me started on all that! lol
is Book I of my Gabriel’s Ride Series. In the first volume I have two stories. A prequel and then Book I. I just found out that the next installment will be a stand-alone release. So looks
like Gabriel is going to have a total of five more stories until I put him to bed. Gabriel is an unforgettable character. A man who comes out of the blue and changes a woman. For good or bad? Well that’s up to the reader. Here is the blurb for Gabriel’s Gun.

Someone has taken a shot at movie idol, Jillian Traynor, and she’s pissed as hell to find herself in hiding before a major premiere. But one look at Gabriel sets her body aflame, and the term bodyguard takes on new meaning.

Lastly, just for fun. What are some of your favorite words or descriptions (even off color) for various male and female private parts or what can be done to them?

Hells Bells, Dee. Let’s see. I like to talk dirty in bed, so I use the word “cock” a lot. Men love that. lol And for female body parts I usually refer to that as “my stuff”. I can’t really see myself calling “my stuff” “pussy or cunt”. Now some women find the word “cunt” demeaning. But I think it’s all about how the person saying it means it. So if a man says that word to me in bed, I’m all ears. I’m a little devil in the bedroom. lol

Thank you Tess for being this week’s guinea… ah er, guest and sharing with your fans. I hope you have found our questions… umm, stimulating. Remember Tess MacKall and do check out the Gabriel series at Freya’s Bower.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, Dee. I did find your questions stimulating. Certainly not your average interview! And thanks to everyone who reads as well. Big Hug!

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Welcome Dee Dawning! (TwoLips Reviews Interview)

Dee Dawning is an author that knows how to rock your world! By mixing genres, his stories range from hot romance to action packed spy thrillers with a paranormal twist, transporting you from the world of Islamic terrorism to fortune cookie magic in the blink of an eye. And grab yourself a fan to read some of the hottest sex scenes allowed. Dee Dawning

I am very happy to bring Dee Dawning, 2008 Eppie Finalist and this month’s Featured Author to TwoLips Reviews.

Hi, Dee! Thank you for joining us.

Thanks for having me Barb. TwoLips is one of my favorite review sites so it’s extra special to be interviewed here.

Tell us about the real Dee Dawning.

Oh, but the real Dee Dawning is so boring. Can I make something up? No.

Okay, here goes: I was born in Chicago many years ago, grew-up in Las Vegas, have lived in Phoenix the last eighteen years and haven’t melted yet. I’m about six foot, sandy brown hair, blue eyes, ruddy complexioned, a little overweight (like many of us) and if I’ve piqued your interest you can see my picture on

How long have you been writing?

I took up writing for pleasure in 2000—reviews, essays etc. Then in March of 2005, having read and been impressed by a very good YA book a friend wrote, called Divine Witness, I started writing my first book—The Right Hand of Allah.

I’m sure you’ve heard writing can be very addictive and I’m no exception. I write whenever I can. I write a little of this and a little of that. Long, short, in between, thrillers, chick-lit, romance, paranormal and lascivious erotica. Frankly, my writing has been all over the place. Eclectic, would be a good way to describe it. So far, the only common thread with varying degree, has been sex.

What did you do before you became a writer?

I was and still am a home designer/builder. Anyone curious enough to see my building company website, please email me.

Do you think of yourself as a storyteller or a story builder?

A storyteller. Definitely. I start with an idea and follow where the story leads me. I have never started a book knowing or having even a vague idea how it would end. Nevertheless, I think my endings are a strong point in my writing.

How do you keep the sex fresh? How do you keep it from feeling repetitive from story to story?

That is an excellent question. You didn’t think that one up just for me did you? LOL.

I’m sure you know sex/love scenes are the hardest and most time consuming part of writing. A good sex scene is a creation—a labor of love. Do I write about sex the way I have sex. Hell no! I write about sex the way I would like to experience it. The good thing about my writing is it’s so wide-ranging, that it forces the sex scenes to be varied as well. I have been credited with my fair share of torrid sex scenes.

Here is what another author said about the sex scenes in my latest book, Getting Naked at the Hilton.

“And lots of great SEX!. In public bathrooms, on a plane, and best of all the messing around on the floor of a casino. There’s more but I’ll let you find out on your own. Oh and I absolutely LOVE the ending.”

Here’s something another gal said about the same book.

“OMG, This book will have you screaming more! A clit popping great time is what you will have when you stay at Dee’s Hilton.”

What do you think is sexier? An implied love scene or the actual scene from the first kiss to the grand finale?

(Grin) Well, I guess I already answered that in the previous question.

How do you know when writing a love scene that it’s working?

Well, that depends if you mean a technical sense or an emotional sense.

If it’s a technical sense if it’s not flowing right my muse will catch it. If it’s an emotional sense, it’ll rev me up just like a reader when I read it through.

Do you ever reach a point in writing a book where you have to step back because you feel it is getting too intense? Whether sexually or the complexity of the story itself?

Do I? I practically have a library of unfinished books that I set aside to work on something else when I became uncomfortable with the way the story was going.

What really draws your attention to a good book? The cover art, the genre, the author or the blurb?

Well first off, I’m a literary groupie. If I decide I like an author, I will buy every book that comes out. Until I am burned a couple times, at least

With unknown authors if the cover and title grabs me I’ll read the blurb. I guess the blurb is the key. If I don’t like the blurb, I won’t buy the book, but the cover and title need to be interesting enough to pique my interest. How’s that for a non-answer.

Is there something you would refuse to write about?

I suppose. Being a straight male, I really have no interest in gay stories—reading or writing. Also nothing kinky. No S&M and only the lightest of bondage and only in a playful manner. And lastly I would never write anything demeaning about women, who as a whole, I adore.

Why do you think that straight males don’t read erotic romances? Or do you think there may be some “closet” readers out there?

Another great question Barb. As far as I’m concerned, straight males are a virtually untapped resource. The word romance scares off the macho types and the others probably figure it’s a woman thing. The fact that the existing epubs claim to cater to women doesn’t exactly dispel that notion.

I will say this. The men that read my stuff get a kick out of it. The slogan I use on Fortune Cookies, ‘It’s a Hoot’, came from one of those readers. I write about the two genders but I think of my books as gender neutral. I think and hope my writing appeals to both genders.

Here you go Barb, I love this question. I’ve even put some thought into starting a unisex epub. Fem/MaleRotica.

Have you ever not met a deadline?

No. Since I have yet to sign my first multi-million dollar six book contract, I don’t really have writing deadlines. And editing deadlines are easily met.

Is it difficult to separate yourself from your story while you are writing?

Sometimes. I’m especially vulnerable when I’m writing something very happy for my characters or showing an innate goodness in my characters. During those times a keep a box of Kleenex handy.

What is the biggest misconception about writing erotic romance?

I suppose there’s a lot of misconception. I think some mainstream writers look down on the trade. Let them try to write a sizzling scene and see how hard it is. I’ve written both and there’s no comparison.

Also some consider erotica and by association erotic romance a form of pornography. By definition, I suppose explicit well done sex scenes are pornographic in that whether on purpose or not, (with me, it’s definitely on purpose) they cause the reader to be aroused. But the explicit/erotic sex scene is only one element of the story. If you did away with them totally, you would still have a story.

What other creative outlets do you have besides writing?

My home designs are very creative. I also dabble in watercolor painting and graphic arts. I designed the cover for my forthcoming book, Love and Seduction in Las Vegas, which is scheduled for release from BookStrand Inc. in August.

What other goals have you set for yourself?

What else? The Great American Novel!

On a more modest level, I’ve just finished a screenplay of my Eppies finalist, Fortune Cookies. I’m hoping it can be made into a movie. Everyone always said it has a Sex in the City flavor to it.

What advice do you have for others as they struggle to reach their goals?

Forbearance and perseverance. It’s tough. I’m somewhat established and it’s still tough, so unless someone tells you you’re awful and you get a second opinion and they say the same thing, just keep plugging away. Persistence has way of winning out.

Is there a genre that you don’t ever see yourself writing?

Once upon a time I would have said Romance, so no, I’ll never say never. My first book was a mainstream action/thriller and one male reviewer called it a “guy book” because of the action and “guilty pleasure” because of the sex. (there were a half dozen or so fairly mild sex scenes, but to someone who’s not used to them, they’re not mild.)

Anyway, one lady who gave me feedback, loved it. She said the women were an absolute gas, (The two women, Jane and Mariam were smart and deadly—the real heroes of the book) and I ought to think about writing erotic romance. So, when the idea for Fortune Cookies popped into my head, I was off and running on a career as a romance writer.

Do you have a muse?

You know I’m not sure. Other writers refer to their muse all the time so I looked it up and guess what? I still wasn’t sure what a muse was.

I guess if they all have muses, I must have one too. I certainly don’t want to be left out (unless a muse is bad) One thing for sure. It sure is amusing. LOL

Tell me, do you have any special rituals that you do before you begin to write? (Like a favorite T-shirt or setting up your troll collection a certain way. )

I was going to say no, but then I remembered the Folgers. I do most of my writing early (starting at 2 to 3 AM) in the morning and weekends so the first thing I do is make a pot of coffee. I guess that qualifies as a ritual.

It’s been a long week of writing, editing and coming up with new ideas. Now the weekend is here and you can actually relax. How would you spend the next 24 hours? One restriction, you’re unable to pick up a book!

Are you kidding me. Here’s how I spell relax. W-R-I-T-I-N-G.

TwoLips Pillow Talk

…go ahead this won’t hurt a bit!!!

What’s more important girth or length?

Funny you should ask that? I wrote a humorous blog about that in March, called Does Size Matter?;

Check it out and see what I think.

What is the one word or phrase that will get you hot and bothered when you’re reading a book?

Spread those gorgeous legs.

Has there ever been a position or description in a sex scene that you just thought…NO WAY IS THAT POSSIBLE?

Sorry, I can’t think of any. Shouldn’t be anything like that in my writing, I’m a standard five or six position guy. Plus oral sex and playful foreplay.

As a writer what are some of the ways you have used to describe a penis?

Since I often write in a humorous vein, sometimes I flirt with purple prose. Here are some of the more colorful names the editors left alone. The descriptions below are names I pulled up from the first half of my playfully humorous chick-lit book Fortune Cookies.

Weapon, torpedo, velvety engorged organ, bold cock, wondrous object, erectus giantus, penis maximus, prodigious projectile, one eyed snake, colossus, ding dong, glorious staff, personal pleasure pole, regal staff, schlong, mighty snake.

Is there such a thing as too much sex?

You bet. Not so much too much sex in a book but too long a sex scene. I hate two and three thousand word continuous sex scenes. They’re too long to be good and even if they were, they would lose the reader after awhile. Yet, I’ve seen clueless authors bragging about their ten page sex scene.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Zany Softcore from Playboy, The Fast Lane to Vegas

Ahh! Fast Lane to Vegas! My kind of movie.

Of the few (scores that is) softcore movies I have viewed, Fast Lane to Vegas would have to be near the top in a list of my favorites. Fast Lane to Vegas is lighthearted, whimsical, sexy and erotic.

Fast Lane to Vegas is a sexual farce and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. The story is ably portrayed by the main characters, Zach (Stephen Harvard), Brian (Steve Curtis), Monica (Renee Rea) and Ashley (Tracy Ryan) and a plethora of attractive supporting cast members.

The Plot

Brian and Monica have a large wedding planned in Las Vegas. Monica, along with her best friend and Maid of Honor, Ashley, are already in Las Vegas, waiting for her fiancĂ©, Brian’s arrival, who along with his friend and Best Man will be driving down from Los Angeles.

The Story

Before leaving for Vegas and his wedding Zack talks Brian into detouring to a showgirl party where Zack has a bachelor party lined up for Brian. Afterward, already late and hurrying to Las Vegas, Zack gets lost and they run across a couple sexy humanoid aliens. Then, trying to find their way back to their destination, they keep running into opportunities for sex with gorgeous horny gals, including in Mexico, where the bartender/mayor/judge decides to hang our boys for their indiscretions.

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, Monica, following Ashley’s example makes hay with a room service waiter and a male stripper. There are a couple side stories as well such as Brian’s future father-in-law hiring Biker Babe (Mia Zottoli) to follow Brian and Zack.

Credited Cast
Stephen Harvard Zack
Steve Curtis Brian
Renee Rea Monica
Tracy Ryan Ashley (as Tracy Angeles)
Nick Pellegrino Barkeep
Flower Juanita (as Flower Edwards)
Tera Patrick WiB #2 (as Tera Hopkins)
Mia Zottoli Biker Babe (as Ava Lake)
Bill Ferrante Mr. Sweethome
Sarah Kalla Heather
Dee Ginger (as Dee Summers)
Kelli McCarty WiB #1
Sasha Peralto Marina
Kelly Alane Chastity

Movie Data
Year: 2000 Indigo Entertainment/Playboy
Directed by: John Quinn
Version: Unrated DVD

Report Card

Story – B
Acting – B+
Directing – B+
Cinematography – A
Cast – A
Eroticism factor – B-
Entertainment factor – A
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For softcore presented in a zany, slapstick style, Fast Lane is very good. The misadventures of Zack and Brian are madcap, goofy and hilarious, especially Zack, who seems to be able to talk Brian into mischief. The ladies are essentially an all-star cast of soft and hardcore stars, as Renee Rea, Tracy Ryan, Angela Davies, Flower Edwards, Tera Patrick, Mia Zottoli, Kelli Mccarthy and Sasha Peralto, all show what they have.
This is the second “Fast Lane” movie that Indigo/Playboy released, the first being “Fast Lane to Malibu”, which featured almost the same cast and much the same concept. Both movies were originally featured on the Playboy channel and both movies are available together as a package. Personally, I didn’t appreciate “Malibu” as much but I will review the two movie package at a future date.

Both films are touted as ‘interactive movies’, where the viewer can choose at certain points either of two scenarios. I tried it a couple times, but I thought it was more a gimmick than something that added to the enjoyment of the movie. After choosing a scenario both ways a couple times and ending up at the same juncture after two or three minutes, I decided not to worry about this marginal feature.

For those wondering, the sex scenes were all well done though obviously simulated and honestly, more amusing than steamy. Still with the attractiveness of the cast involved, the sex scenes are still quite erotic. There were a total of nine sex scenes, including a fairly intense one with a girl pleasuring herself..

Since this movie is offered in both R rating and unrated, I made special effort to make sure I was buying the unrated version. I haven’t viewed the R rated version, but from my experience, unrated versions give me much more of the reason for which I watch softcore movies. Final Rating, 4.4 stars.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Emanuelle in America - Erotica Gone Wild

This movie is only for the open minded. Expect nudity aplenty along with some explicit sex, bestiality, even simulated snuff film footage.

Movie Poster

I have probably watched, under duress I might add, about a dozen Emmanuelle/Emanuelle movies, out the approximately two dozen or so available movies, (talk about sequels) so for those of you not familiar, a little background is in order. After seeing so many of these movies, I have come to the conclusion that name Emmanuelle means beautiful nymph in French. It is obvious because, in each of these movies, the only common denominator is a gorgeous woman of the world, who sleeps around, a lot.

Ok, I was kidding. The movies have a couple other common denominators, lousy plots and plenty T & A, so it is obvious that these movies were made for one reason and one reason only (other than to make money), to turn people, including me, on, so if you’re looking for brainfood you have mistakenly pushed the eye candy button.

Now, I know you are all dying to know why I said Emmanuelle/Emanuelle. Can you guess? I’ll give you a hint. Franco/Italio. Get it? What have I got to do? Draw you a picture. The first Emmanuelle movies were made in France and it took two years to get over the Alps to Italy and when it did they said ‘mama mia buenvideo’ or something like that and started making Emanuelle movies, which means in Italian - beautiful fallen angel. As you have now, probably figured out, Emanuelle in America is of the Italio, fallen angel persuasion.

Emanuelle in America

As I said, I have probably viewed a dozen or so of these movies but Emanuelle in America was truly a surprise for me. There were parts in this film that made even me, blush. I didn’t say I closed my eyes or turned my head. I blushed. In fact, I grabbed the remote and went over the parts that made me blush so I could blush a few more times.


If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to read about SEX and are easily embarassed or offended and wish you hadn‘t started reading this crazy review about this crazy movie, I understand, I’m the same way, sort of, so go with my blessing. Just give me a Most Helpful before you do and I’ll say a prayer for you and review a Disney movie in the future.

Back to the diehards. Emanuelle in America is one kinky, MF (morbid flick) which is not surprising since it was directed by Joe D’Amato, who is notorious for sex and gore.


In this movie, Emanuelle (Laura Gemser), is a “fashion photographer” (of nude women), photo journalist, investigative reporter (both undercover and above cover) and any other thing you can think of. After a preliminary scene where Emanuelle goes down on some guy with a gun that wants to kill her, she goes off to join some millionaire’s zodiac conceived concubine (Emanuelle‘s a Virgo). After bedding his right hand man, an interlude with two other naked girls in the pool and a lesbian scene in a sauna we are treated to a scene where a naked lady masturbates a horse. No really, I’m not kidding. While this is going on, Emanuelle is ostensibly taking voyeuristic photos with a miniature camera, embedded in a bracelet.

After she makes her getaway from the millionaires California compound, Emanuelle hooks up with a Duke? From Venice (Italy) who invites her the annual wingding he and his wife throw. After a manage a trios with the Duke and Duchess we have the shindig, which turns into a big orgy and of course our heroine is walking around the naked bodies, again taking pictures with the little camera, this time mounted in a tasteless costume jewelry necklace with an extra long chain, which is so obvious she may as well blurt out, “Hey, You mind if I take some fu*king pictures”. Here we get our first glimpse of hardcore as a woman performs fellatio.

Next our liberated mostly undercover trollop is off to a Caribbean island she heard about at the orgy, where the services of well endowed men (studs) are available (for sale) to wealthy women. The movie continues with her viewing and photographing more graphic sex, with her poorly hidden camera and even an investigation into the source of some snuff film footage, of which I will not go into.

What’s good

~ As usual Laura Gemser was lovely, though when she was fully dressed, her clothes seemed overly large on her. She must be tiny.

~ I must admit that I was intrigued rather than turned, off by the hardcore scenes. I was caught totally off guard, having never seen them in previous Emmanuelle/Emanuelle movies.

~ There was lots of nudity but except for Emanuelle with her Barbie Doll figure and the anatomically pleasing Duchess, few were exceptionally attractive.

What‘s not

~ Although Miss Gemser is shown entering into numerous intimate scenes, they all cut away before anything beside preliminaries are shown, (exception, the lesbian scenes).

~ For a professional undercover investigative photographer, Emanuelle was certainly obvious with her supposedly surreptitious photography, nor was her camera well hidden.

~ I may be wrong but some of the explicit sexual scenes in the movie looked, to me, like they were borrowed from other films. Oh well, who cares?

~ The story was weak and the ending was terrible but I’d watch it again!

~ In the scene where the kid had a gun to Emanuelle’s head, she didn’t appear to be the least bit nervous, let alone scared. Well, it was a bit laughable.

~ In fact, I guess you would have to say that overall the acting was weak but then who watches these movies for the acting.

~ Some of the cinematography and editing seemed weak as well. That means it looked like your home movies. (The quality not the subject matter {I hope})

Laura Gemser


When it comes to this version of Emanuelle, all you have to remember is Laura Gemser. For one hundred minutes we see Laura Gemser traipsing around the world mostly in profile. Now Gemser is a Eurasian beauty, no doubt, but not in profile. She, like another beauty, Heather Locklear do not photograph that well in profile. They kind of look like somebody stole the tip of their nose.

I must admit to some ambivalence regarding this film. On the one hand the film was fascinating, wondering what new kinky perversion D’Amato was going to throw at you next, as he pushed the envelope of decency, by tackling subjects that were taboo in polite society. Overall I enjoyed the film despite numerous flaws, so I’m not sure how I should rate it. I guess I’ll play it safe and rate it in the middle, 3 stars.

PS. This film is not recommended for children under the age of thirty-five!

Author’s Note

I usually try to provide a list of the cast but other than Laura Gemser, I was unable to find any credits for the other participants. Perhaps the supporting cast thought their performances were so bad, they wished remain anonymous.