Monday, October 5, 2009

Are Ménage Romances Books Here to Stay?

I posted this article on another blog last month and it was very popular so here it is again?

Are Ménage Romances Books Here to Stay?


The latest hot genre in erotic romance is Menage a Trois. It is so hot, one e publisher has even created an entire line of ménage books called Menage Amour and releases two to three new ebooks a week. This line now numbers in excess of a hundred books.

Last November I wrote a blog entitled ‘Menage. Is this your fantasy?’ that generated a lot of interest. This is sort of an update on that blog. At the time I’d written the blog I’d dabbled in what I call a man’s ménage—two women and a man. Now ten months later, I’ve penned several women’s ménages and have more in progress.

Here is a short sample ménage excerpt from my upcoming Playtime with Sera. Though it doesn’t show the steamy parts, you get the idea.

I knew before we did a thing that I would love it. I tried not to show how pleased I was when I took their hands and walked hand and hand with them into the bedroom. We sat on the edge of our California king, Marc on my left and Jack on my right.

294222048_6e742a430d Flickr

Starting with my blouse, Marc unbuttoned and took it off.

Next. Jack’s clever fingers unhooked my bra. “Here let me help you take this hot, cumbersome bra off.” Jack removed my bra and my breasts were bare. For a brief few seconds the air-conditioning hardened my nipples, before two warm mouths enveloped them and I melted. As I’d always suspected, lips on both nipples felt divine. Their sucking sent tickly currents of need racing through me, terminating in my core.

Marc’s hands pushed my lacy panties down to my knees. “Let’s get these panties off before they get all wet.” He dragged the panties down and over my sweat socks. He removed my socks and I was naked. A thrill ran through me as I realized. It’s going to happen. I’m going to have sex—with both of them!

Writing a woman’s ménage as a romance is a little bit of a challenge in that you don’t want the heroine to come off as a tramp. In the erotic stories, the woman can be normal, a slut or worse, but in the romances the woman should be as normal as possible.

I’ll tell you a secret. Since I started writing women’s ménages I don’t think about the other kind much. It seems more natural for a woman to receive the affections of multiple partners then men, and of course women are better equipped. Also let’s not forget if a woman has an orgasm, she can keep going, while men are usually out of action for awhile. LOL.

Threesome unk

So, why is this relatively new sub genre so popular? I believe women readers love to fantasize about having two or more lovers. They live vicariously through their daring heroines, enjoying all the fruits that could possibly be enjoyed by multiple coupling. Lips, tongues, hands fingers and let’s not forget cocks.

I think women also like the idea of throwing convention out the window. From chastity belts to burkas the little box of sexuality women have confined to has been the work of men. Now that sexual freedom is upon us, some women are testing the limits.

As for the women that experience a ménage, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an element of exhibitionist involved. You certainly wouldn’t invite two or more men in your bed and then turn the lights out.

I once talked with a woman who fantasized about being gang banged. I asked her how many and she didn’t know, just more then two. When I pressed it by asking ten, she thought and said, maybe.

How about you? How big is your kink—real and imaginary?

And what about woman’s ménages? Do you think they’re immoral or overdue. Do you dream of them? Would you invite multiple men into your bed?

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And what about the books? Are you a fan of mfm romance novels? If so, do you think you could get tired of them? Will the demand for them continue to grow, go flat or dry up with time?

Think about it and comment if you like.

The Big Bamboo 2Look for my hot new book from eXcessica, The Big Bamboo, on November 16th. I call it a smogasboard of sex. There’s something for everyone including my first woman’s menage. Sorry no bdsm, but believe it or not, an episode of vf. Other menage titles of mine include Getting Naked at the Hilton, By the Book and Bananaz.


Lesli Richardson said...

I'm not sure what you mean by a "women's menage." If you mean the demographic purchasing the menage stories, yes, het women usually are the target demographic, hence why the most popular ones are one woman to multiple males. There is a carry-over in some cases to the GLBT demographic, of course, but the largest purchasing demographic are het women. (As it is with the romance genre in general.)

But yes, the menage factor, whether it's mmf, mfm, mmmf, fmmm, whatever, is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. The great thing is they can be applied to nearly any genre/sub-genre, whether contemporary or paranormal or whatever.

It's a fantasy someone can indulge in, escape for a few hours, and never have to admit to anyone they read it. *LOL*

Dee Dawning said...

Hi Lesi, Thanks for the comment. By woman's menage, yes I mean one woman as the center of attention of two or more amorous males. Conversely a man's menage, where the man is center of attention of two females. MMF and FFM would not be included. I would call these a man or woman's bi-sexual menages.